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Advance PPC Training Program with Google & Microsoft Certification

(Online/In-Person Training Sessions)

Who said there is no shortcut to success?

With the rise of the Internet, it is almost unthinkable that a brand with a global or local consumer base would not employ Internet Marketing – both for business expansion as well as improving sales! Add to this a growing online market and instantaneous sales gratification through Paid Marketing Campaigns, and you have the perfect recipe for success online!

But there is still a large gap between demand and supply as far as experienced and skilled PPC Experts are concerned. While there is a huge demand, with online marketing growing at an free-wheeling rate of 50% every year and Paid Marketing comprising of a large chunk of sales-driven campaigns, qualified PPC Experts in Kolkata are a rare breed.

This is where White Hat Academy steps in. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and industry-experienced Google Certified faculties, PPC Training in Kolkata has become a cakewalk.

So, react fast and ENROLL TODAY - your early adapter status will get YOU long-term rewards! You can choose Online or Classroom Training Sessions.

Top Reasons Why You Should Go for Google & Microsoft Certification Program

  • Globally Recognized Certificate Directly from Google & Microsoft - It's a globally recognized stamp of approval which showcases that you have learnt the latest Ad Words tools and best practice techniques to manage a PPC campaign efficiently.
  • Professional "Google & Microsoft Qualified Logo" with Online Click-to-Verify Link - You can use that logo in your website, email signature or resume to attract your customers, employers etc. to demonstrate your skills and certificate authentication.
  • Best Job Prospects with Assured High Pay Scale - A Google & Microsoft certified professional really doesn't need any job assistance or assurance… In fact, firms will be snapping at your heels to hire you on their Internet Marketing team. And the pay is not disappointing too!
  • Improved PPC campaign management knowledge - With improved PPC Campaign management, you will be an asset to any firm – both as a resource for the client as well as for in-house online marketing tasks. Talk about keeping your cake and eating it as well.
  • Marketing Support from Google - As a Google certified internet marketing professional you will get free coupons on regular basis to promote your clients or company.
  • Convenient Online or In-Person Training Sessions - Don’t want to step out of your home? You can attend our online classes from the comfort of your home. Classroom sessions are also available.

Why PPC or Sponsored Advertising

  • Maximum Reach - With paid advertising advertisers can reach over 90% of the users on the internet. This means that you can reach out to the consumer base before our rivals can even figure out their SEO game plan. This is the reasons behind the PPC boom in the online market worldwide.
  • Targeted Traffic - With quality PPC Training in Kolkata, you can actually learn how to improve ROI. You will learn how to target a niche consumer base and drive traffic that has a high rate of conversion. Therefore, Targeted Traffic + Well-managed PPC = Better Conversions = Sky-high ROI!
  • Total Control on Advertising Budget - PPC allows you complete control over your advertising budget – when you start, when you stop, what exact amount you invest and even predict what kind of conversions and sales you can expect from the investment!
  • Build Brand Awareness - While organic SEO can take months to get you visibility, a PPC campaign can help you reach your consumer base as soon as you start off. Can you think of another shortcut this easy to get your sales campaign started?! We certainly can't!
  • Timing & Flexibility - It takes just 15 minutes to show your ad to the internet users through Google Ad Words interface and other most sponsored advertising programs. Also advertisers can make unlimited number of changes to the ads without any hassle or cost.
  • Measurable Results - Exactly what any marketing expert would ideally want. PPC provides measurable results – predictable ROI and hence helps make tweaks and execute changes in the next campaign. This again minimizes losses and increases precision, thus boosting ROI!

Who Should Attend

  • Link Builders/ Junior SEO Experts wishing to master paid marketing
  • Online Sales for Corporate Firms or SMEs
  • Freshmen with basic Internet access knowledge
  • PPC marketers who need a Google Adwords Certified stamp of authentication on their prowess and wish to upgrade their skill sets

Career Prospects

  • PPC or Paid Marketing has become huge in Kolkata as well as in India, and if you are looking for a job that pays well and also provides intellectual challenges, PPC Training from White Hat Academy is what you need!
  • Get hired in any of the Top Tier IT firms as PPC Consultant/Paid Marketing Supervisor.
  • As PPC Managers/Marketers are still a rare entity to find, the pay band is quite high.
  • Freelance as a PPC Consultant with clients abroad – and earn an income at par with what the on-site managers draw as salary.

With the Google Adwords Certification, you will be welcomed into any SEO agency, with a fat paycheck as well!

Sign Up Today for Our Online or Classroom Sessions with White Hat and Build a Fantastic Career NOW!