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Improve Your Digital Data Analysis Skill - Be a Google Analytics Certified Professional

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Are you trying to set up to date on the most recent advancements in the digital measurement industry?.

Looking to learn about Google analytics and make your own mark in digital field? Then welcome to White Hat Academy - the new learning platform for Google analytics.

While the speedy pace of innovation in the arena of digital measurement maintains work interesting, it can also make it difficult to keep up with the core skills and concepts you require to be affluent as a digital marketer or data analyst. Staying au fait with the recent news in Google Analytics can be a huge challenge for customers and partners.

That is why we are excited to announce that White Hat Academy is the new hub for you where you can participate in Google analytics training and get the guided learning experience from certified faculties to become an analytics expert in no time. We, recognized as leader in helping individuals and companies to achieve success in online marketing, provide analytics training series along with practical tips and tools, and in a nutshell assist you to know how to use Google Analytics to uncover the hidden intelligence in data which help you to enhance your customer’s web based experience, and keep them coming back.

You can choose between online or In-Person classes!

So enroll today to maximize the value of your investment in analytics, boost your marketing ROI and enhance business performance through better digital measurement.

Course Details

Module 1 (3 hours)

  • Introduction to web analytics in general, and Google Analytics in particular
  • How to Set up Google Analytics Account and integrate Analytics Script in your Website
  • How to Set up Google Analytics in CMS based websites – WordPress & Joomla
  • What do the metrics, dimensions and objectives mean and how to choose metrics
  • Understanding different properties and views
  • Linking with Google AdWords account and benefits
  • Linking with Google Webmaster account and benefits
  • User management
  • Applying filters & Exclusions
  • Setting up social analytics
  • Overview on audience reports, traffic sources reports, content reports

Module 2 (3 hours)

  • Navigating through Google Analytics Account - Google Analytics insights and understanding traffic acquisition
  • Finding best performing keywords using analytics data
  • Understanding different traffic sources/mediums
  • Understanding bounce rate, exit rate
  • How to reduce bounce rate
  • Understanding sales funnels, multi-channel funnels (MCF)
  • Google Analytics Exam Mock Test

Module 3 (3 hours)

  • Understanding visitors’ behavior and traffic flow - In-page analysis
  • Understanding Goals / Conversions
  • How to set up a Goal
  • Advance campaign tracking using Google URL builder
  • Customizing Dashboard and Generating Customized Reports
  • Real Time traffic analysis
  • Google Analytics Exam Mock Test

Module 4 (3 hours)

  • Selective Video Demonstration
  • Last Minute Suggestions for the Online Exam
  • Google Analytics Online Exam

Course Duration (Theory + Practical)

  • 12 hours


  • Technical: Basic knowledge of Internet, Email & Website Surfing
  • Academic: 10+2 or higher, should be proficient in English

Course Fee

Rs. 4,000/-

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